Slow Water Feeder

If you are like me (with a beard) you may know that every time we drink water we get all wet, and later we are dripping all over the floor. But with these water feeder just my tongue reach the water and I don’t get all wet.


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Slow Water Feeder

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This slow water feeder has an extremely large capacity of 35 oz in total with a dimension of 8.8 x 7.3 x 3.2 inches, is a pretty large and practical capacity that is enough for dogs to drink for a whole day.

Besides, is a splash-proof water bowl because it has an edge strip and floating disk that effectively prevent water from overflowing, keeping your hooman floor dry and tidy at all times.

Another function of the floating disk is to slow down the drinking rate of your pet. When your pet’s tongue touches the floating disk, it sinks, and the water surges.

This is my best part the disk help to keep your mouth from getting wet and keep your pet’s hair dry and tinted.


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