Massage Brush Shampoo

Are you still washing your pet with your hands? This product is a massage brush shampoo, yes just what you read. You can fill up with your favorite dog/cat shampoo and just press slightly and the shampoo can smoothly come out, then use the dog brush to wash away dirt, attracting loose hair, dirt, and dander, bringing your dog a very relaxing bath and massage effect.


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Massage Brush Shampoo

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The perfect tool for bath time really exists. This is a massage brush shampoo all in one, is very easy to use just pour your favorite shampoo inside the brush and then squeeze to let it out and start rubbing your pet while he gets a massage, removing all dirt and loose hair.


  • Color: Pink/Blue/Yellow
  • Material: High-Quality Soft TRP Rubber
  • Size:3.15*3.15*2.36 inches
  • Capacity:80 ml




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