Think About Your Daily Routine – Choosing a Dog Pt. 3

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For those thinking, adding a pet to the family, a couple or a single person, thinking about how this little friend is going to fit into the daily routine is very important.

Children will promise to be totally engaged in watching after the pet, but this usually ends up being the adult’s responsibility once the child’s initial excitement disappears.

Then the adult will have to pick up the slack, left behind by the child, and this could be something that would be both inconvenient and a nuisance.

There are also situations where having a pet would just not be possible or functional. The individual may have a plan that requires a lot of traveling.

If this is the case, then alternatives would have to be arranged. The pet can be taken care of in the same committed fashion as the owner, which is often very hard to find or arrange.

This would not only cause distress to the pet owner but would also cause pain to the pet itself.

Other elements to consider would be to find if the pet would be left alone a large part of the time, thus constituting neglect and emotional trauma for the pet.

Most people should know that pets have feelings too. These feelings should be taken into serious consideration if the pet is going to live a healthy and problem-free life.

Failing to consider this would not only cost the pet its mental and physical, but would also be costly for the owner when the services of a vet have to be frequently sought.

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