The Basic – Choosing a Dog Part. 1

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Hello and welcome to my new series called Choosing a Dog, in this series I will give you some tips before that new puppy or dog arrive at your home and some considerations you must have.

I hope you enjoy it, now lets’s begin.

Before getting a pup instead of an older dog, the family or the individual must make sure all the supporting elements are in place before the puppy is brought into the home.

  • Bed.
  • Playpen.
  • Training pads.
  • Chewing toys.
  • Long leash.
  • Bowls for water and food.

Other considerations may include the availability of space and adequate amenities for the puppy and enough room and finances to accommodate such needs.

There are also licensing issues to consider as the authorities usually look into such violations quite strictly.

Adding a mature animal to the existing family is also something that cannot be taken lightly, as the temperament of the current family and the animal have to be compatible.

Without this compatibility, both sides are bound to encounter problems. The dog would most likely be the one that suffers the most.

There is also the need to do an adequate amount of research if the decision is made to acquire a purebred animal. The complications here can be considerable, and the cost to purchase such an animal will be high.

The upkeep of such dogs is also very costly as they often require specifically designed care and food.

Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is also the best choice.
Most organizations encourage this, and there are often annual campaigns launched to get the public to consider adopting these animals.

Well, that’s all for now, hope to read your comments to see what you think about it.

Thanks for reading my post, see you until next time! // Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de leer mi post, nos vemos hasta la próxima.

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